Mental- and health protection events with IP theoretical and practical background


Starting points of development of mental- and health protective programs using IP theory and practices resulted from those professional experiences and research  proved the remarkable role of civil organizations in

·        creating chances for social groups,

·        developing social protective factors and

·        involving  the necessity of qualitative increase in the field of mental- and health protection (see Maria Kopp ed. : Hungarian mental state. 2008. Semmelweis Ed. Budapest and National Program of Mental Health 2008, the Bela Johann National Program of Decade of Health 46/2003)

(Public Utility Association)

Action and experiences of experts of MIPE (Hungarian Ass.  of Individual Psychology),  re-founded in 1991 as member of Association of Hungarian Psychiatric Association (MPT,  founded 1980), -

verified,    that for effective help of needed clients,  the essential emphasis should be laid on development of abilities and skills in self-knowing,  self-esteem,  self-expression and problem solving capabilities especially by means of using practice-oriented and reflective aspects.  Only in possessions of these qualities,  the personality will be able to manage and accomplish the life tasks (Adler’s Lebensaufgaben) in good level.  During the development,  the created social contacts,  communities,  workshops build social support to strengthen coping abilities of client in fighting with stress.

Laid down in the  Constitution of MIPE, tasks and action circles cover the territories of mental health protection.  In  this way, we try to support both our experts active in prevention, social care, information, counseling and therapy fields and our clients needing mental hygienic aid as well. Professional programs aim at developing and preserving mental  health competencies.

Secondary purpose of the  course events is

1)     to develop coping abilities related to stress

2)     to help solving life tasks and

3)     to influence life style and personality capacities




Psychodiagnostic survey, study

By means of interviews, questionnaires,  the measurement of psychopathological abnormalities appeared at the clients (suicidal tendencies, addiction disorder, depressive symptomsetc. ) are perfected.  On the basis of results, elaboration of therapy suggestions follow. Survey may be completed (in trust) with a study of mental-hygienic state of a concrete institution too.


1. Self-knowing/ development and community-building &

2. Challenge in adolescence—self-developing group for adolescents &

3. Training to develop self-knowing and life-style correction for adults &

4. Play group for parent-child dyads &

5. Parent school &

6. „Encourageing -paedagogics”- postgraduate training &

7. Training for management of conflicts and aggression &

8. Supervision &

Study on the effectiveness of therapy, measurement of more favourable influences from the starting point till deadline, attitude studies are performed with evaluation analyses


Quality guarantee

-         collection of information with questionnaires from program participants inquiring opinions about content, organization of course, whether it fulfilled of failed the aimed targets and individual expectations

-         if the knowledges met in the program were new

-         evaluation of practical  usefulness of program

-         whether the used teaching- and group leading methods were adequate

-         if the requirements in programs were executable

-         if the control of knowledge was adequate

-         how the participants evaluate the work and competency of tutors and training leaders

-         whether the material conditions (general, tools, helping leaflets, obligatory literature) were appropriate

If the evaluation of questionnaire results, according to group opinions unfitted the expectations,  corrections will be made on the side of course organization. Organization of programs are perfected by experts of MIPE


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